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Albach Diamant 2000

In its class, the Albach Diamant 2000 is the most powerful and flexible wood chipper available.

High Production Chipper

The Albach Diamant 2000 offers the highest possible through-put and the chip quality necessary to meet the most demanding specifications. The Albach chipper makes it easy to produce wood chips that meet all requirements and specifications.

Rotor Generation 6

The Diamant 2000 standard rotor offers a choice of between 6 or 12 knives. With 6 knives it is possible to produce wood chips from 10 mm (0.39“) to 40 mm (1.57“).

Two types of knives are available:

  • Blades with adapter for shrub and softwood
  • Knifes 250 mm for universal use (brush and large diameter hardwood)

Wear plates (rakers) on the rotor ring are interchangeable.

 Rotor Generation 7

The Rotor Generation 7 allows the Diamant 2000 to produce wood chips from 15 mm (0,6“) to 60 mm (2.4“). The Gen 7 rotor has replaceable knife mounts that provide a wider field of operation and enable fine tuning for any kind of material.

Blade / knife variations for Gen 7:

  • Blades with adapter and quick-change system
  • Knives for lengths of cut up to 38 mm(1.5“)
  • Knives for lengths of cut up to 60 mm (2.4“) CHP (combined heat & power chip)

Attached Crane

The Diamant 2000 is equipped with its own 33 ft. crane to accommodate independent use or offer added efficiency when working in conjunction with the Albach Fellcrane.

Drive System

The Diamant 2000 provides superior travel and offroad capabilities. Large 42“ wheels, a 4-wheel drive system with independent front and rear axle hydro-mechanical drive, and crab steering offer the maneuverability required for tough terrain and steep slopes. A 2-speed powershift transmission and an integrated anti-lock braking system (ABS) provides enough torque and braking control to access hard to reach jobsites in the worst conditions. On paved roadways the Diamant 2000 can accelerate it to a travel speed of 45 mph.

Driver Comfort and Control

The Albach chipper provides a safe 360º view at 4.8 m (15’9”) eyelevel that allows the operator to keep the surroundings under control. The chipper’s comfort seat swivels 180º for optimum operating efficiency and to reduce body strain. The Albach operating terminal (touch screen) offers easy accessibility to real time information and controls. Control configuration and joystick sensitivity can be adjusted to suit the operator’s preferences. Job management data and operator profiles can be transferred via USB connection to a computer or another Diamant 2000. A convenient refrigerator and microwave oven are available options.

Chip Accelerator and Spout

The standard accelerator can be folded out for maintenance, which allows a quick replacement of all wear liners and wear blades. The spout can be turned in any direction for loading of trailers and discharge of the material. Optionally, you can order the remote- controlled spout function. The remote control enables the truck driver to fill his own trailer. It also helps to distribute material evenly on the ground. The hydraulically-driven accelerator can be variable adjusted and offers a filling height up to 6 m (20 ft).

The Generation 2 accelerator offers the same service features as the standard accelerator. This high production accelerator allows maximum throughput at maximum length of cut and chip size. Hydraulic blower drive adjustment ranges between 250 rpm to 630 rpm. To avoid downtime, the blower liner can be opened to provide access to the complete accelerator rotor.

Filling and distribution of wood chips into trailers is made easy with a 240º turn radius of the spout. Re-positioning for the next available trailer is an easy task that increases efficiency. For discharging into lower trailers, the height of the spout can be adjusted by 3.1 m (10 ft). Additionally, an upside down spout extension can be installed to allow chips to be blown under low profile doors and openings.

Diamant 2000 Engine

The design of the Diamant 2000’s Volvo engine and the chipping and driving characteristics of our self-propelled wood chipper are an ideal combination. The 16.1 liter Volvo engine offers high power and excellent torque output.

Option 1

Standard Diamant 2000 powered by the 450 kW (612 hp) Volvo engine (Tier 4 final). The transmission and hydraulics are designed to match the torque characteristics of the engine to ensure powerful, dynamic and economical operation with sufficient power and low fuel consumption for both chipping and road travel.

Option 2

Diamant 2000 powered by 515 kW (700 hp) Volvo inline 6-cylinder engine. The 16.1 liter displacement, (emission level EPA 4 final), pump nozzle injection (PNI), SCR catalytic converter and AdBlue provide additional efficiency.

Option 3

Diamant 2000 powered by 565 kW (768 hp) Volvo inline 6-cylinder engine. For even more power the Albach Diamant 2000 also offers with 16.1 liter displacement and pump nozzle injection (PNI). The robust power pack does not require AdBlue, SCR catalytic converter and exhaust gas recirculation.

Parts and Service

Albach can be counted on to help keep the Diamant 2000 operating at peak productivity. Albach maintains high stocking levels  of wear-parts, maintenance and engine parts, and complete engines. Volvo and Epsilon parts are available directly from Albach  to reduce lead time and decrease down time. Albach also offers complete overhauls and refurbished components for engines, drivelines and crane components.

Albach offers training on every piece of equipment sold.

Diamant 2000 Features:

  • 45 mph travel speed
  • 42“ wheels
  • Independent differential lock
  • Central lubrication system (Beka Max)
  • 4WD with hydraulic motors directly mounted on each axle
  • Easy exchange of counter knife (segmented optional)
  • Efficient chip extraction through screw conveyor drive
  • Hydraulic drive of all systems except chipping rotor
  • Automatic reversing engine and hydraulic fan
  • Automatic pressure compensation of crane outriggers
  • Loss free transfer of logs from infeed table to chipper
  • No chain drives
  • Operator seat rotates 180º, improving manoeuvrability especially in reverse
  • Safe operation at night with 32 worklights (LED option)
  • Automatic chipper set up at a touch of a button in less than 30 seconds
  • Highway mode – crane outriggers and parking brake


Diamant 2000 Benefits:

  • Direct drive of infeed chain, infeed roller and vertical infeed chain
  • 2 vertical side-infeed rollers make whole tree chipping easy. No blockages occur while feeding wide grown trees into the chipper
  • Chip material transport through direct driven augers towards the Each auger is driven by a single oil-motor
  • The Diamant 2000 comes with the most advanced safety features against foreign objects to avoid rotor damage
  • Pivoting counterknife with angle sensor will automatically turn off infeed and rotor-drive if activated by no more than 3% of its rest position
  • As a safety feature against bigger objects, the counter-knife pivot arm is equipped with shear This allows the anvil to fold out completely to avoid major damage
  • All wear parts are made of highly wear-resistant HARDOX material