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Highway and Roadside Maintenance

The chipper’s travel speed of up to 50mph can reach jobsites without having to low bed the machine or damage the tarmac while on the job. The side infeed , combined with the 33FT crane, lets you stay on the emergency lane and feed the chipper under the control of the operator in the elevated cab. Safety plays a big part as no personnel is needed to set up or feed the unit. The infeed table can be lowered over the side barrier, which keeps the smaller debris of the road. With the 270º rotatable spout , you can load your transport vehicles parked on 3 sides of the machine. Load directly, safely and efficiently over the cab, back or to the left side. If you do not need to haul away the chip material, the automatic spout swivel can be used to spread material over the ground towards the infeed side or any other side.